Lunatic Tarot (Porfolio Edition)

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Beautiful, tarot-inspired art portfolio by Taiwanese artist Evan Yi Feng. The cards are predominantly dusky in hue, with shades of brown forming the base of Feng's palette of intriguing and dramatic tarot world. The card-thick image sheets measure 5.5 in. x 10 in., and come in a glue-bound binding that allows for each sheet to be detached. There are no titles or numbers on the images, but a black-and-white illustration of the image's associated Waite-Smith card appears on the back of each sheet. An actual deck version of the images with card titles was published later.

Though executed in a manga/anime style, these images are far from cartoonish; the humanity in the faces of Feng's characters is undeniable. Then again, we have had a few customers laughingly refer to this assembly as the