Viceversa Tarot

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78 cards and 160-page softcover companion manual in cardboard shelfbox with magnetic side closure

The latest (as of 2017) entry into the "multidimensional POV" tarot deck market, the Viceversa Tarot was designed specifically to illustrate both sides of each card's potential meaning. In a way, its dual-sided cards substitutes actual imagery for possibilities that, in the past, had been merely implied by context or card orientation (i.e., reversals). This approach offers an advantage by visually "spelling out" these alternative implications; the trade-off is that it is impossible to deal or display the cards face-down. In the accompanying guidebook, the front and back of each card is referred to as "this side" and "that side" respectively; many are designed to show the same scene from the back (a lá the Tarot of the New Vision), but others provide a different scene entirely in an effort to elucidate their complimentary or contrasting energies. For examples of the differences between the front and back sides of selected cards, check out our scanned samples of the Lovers, Death, Star, Ace of Wands, Eight of Swords, and Page of Pentacles included with this listing.