The Bugomancy Oracle

Posted by Dan Pelletier on May 1st 2018

The Bugomancy Oracle

Many of us have at one time or another found ourselves on an automobile with others and found ourselves in a game of ‘Punch Buggy’, or ‘Slug Bug’. In case you have forgotten, upon seeing a Volkswagen Beetle, the spotter calls out the color and gets to (gently) punch others, or receive points (in gentler versions).

We took this harmless diversion and created a peer tested divinatory system for the road. Further, this system does not need any conversion to work in UK inspired road configurations.


Step One: Note the color of the first three VW bugs (double points for pre-1972) that you see.

1. RED









Step Two: Note the color and add the corresponding numbers. If the result is over 10 (a 10 becomes a 1), keep adding until you have a one digit number.

Step Three: Use the table below to determine your fortune for the immediate future.

Use the numerical table below to determine your fortune:

1. Foam Finger (#1): Yes. Thumbs up for project. Leading to a goal. Pointing to a goal. Firm and trusted directions. On your way.

2. The Other Car: Either way, it’s a ‘Co’ moment. Co-nflict or Co-operation, Community, or codependent (or even conflate). You both get to decide. Independently. Good luck with that.

3. The Parking Space: Sometimes elusive, sometimes not. A portent that things may not be as going as smooth as they seem.

4. The Passenger Seat. Let someone else drive. Things have gotten complicated. Sit down, simplify, and focus, but do not overthink. Directions are unclear.

5. The Road-Gator. Beware, danger lurks.

6. The Rest Stop: It may be time to take a break, time for reflection, are we really on the most efficient route?

7. Gear Shift: Sometimes, you have to change your speed and rpm.

8. Flagger Ahead: Sometimes it is written in stone, or they’re removing the stone. Never be in denial of the exogenous.

9. The Checkered Flag: You are on the most efficient route and due to arrive on time.