Golden Dawn Magical Tarot

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78 cards, packaged variously with and without assorted versions of guidebook
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In Print (under the "Golden Dawn Magical Tarot" name)
New or Preowned, as selected. New is boxed set with guidebook. Preowned copy is deck only under the "Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot" name (no guidebook), rated Excellent.
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2012 (under "Magical" title); 1996 (under "Ritual" title)
Author / Artist:
Chic Cicero, Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Deck designed following the card descriptions given in the writings of the Order of the Golden Dawn. Originally published in 1991 and entitled 'The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot,' the deck was later republished under the title 'Golden Dawn Magical Tarot.' There are two versions of the 'Temperance' card included. The pip cards are varied, but not fully scenic.