Oracle de Giselle Flavie

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Major arcana tarot, with 2 additional cards which have been subdivided in the middle into 2 'talismanic' arcana each. The additional cards may be cut in half to create the four talismans which may be carried or worn to bring luck, joy, and romance. According to the accompanying booklet (text in French and English), the illustrations of this deck were chanelled by Giselle Flavie, from the spirit of a French-emigrated Russian artist known as ANIRAM (nee Marina Makowsky). ANIRAM was the daughter of Constantin Makowsky, another noted Russian artist whose paintings are exhibited in several prestigious Russian museums. ANIRAM emigrated to France in 1918, after the Russian Revolution, where she continued working as a painter in Paris. She held exhibits at the 'Salon des Independants,' at the French Artist Fair, and in many Parisian art galleries.