Tarot Universal Dali

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78 cards; packaging varies by edition
Publication Status:
Taschen edition in print as of 2019; other editions limited or out of print
Königsfurt Jubilee Edition, deck only - new, sealed
Country of Publication:
Spain or Germany, depending on edition
Publication Year:
1984 (Naipes Comas), 2004 and beyond (Königsfurt, Taschen)
Salvador Dali

Not just done in the "Dali" style, not just compiled from existing work... this deck was actually created by Salvador Dali. According to Rachel Pollack in her book, The New Tarot, Dali was originally approached by the producers of the James Bond film Live and Let Die to create the tarot cards that would be used in the film -- but ultimately rejected the work Dali provided as being too "unrecognizable" as tarot for a mainstream film audience. Ultimately, the design project was undertaken by the much lesser-known Fergus Hall... but Dali proceeded to complete his deck anyway, which was published by the Spanish firm of Comas. Dali included himself in the deck as The Magician and the King of Pentacles, while his wife Gala appears on The Empress card. The Comas edition of the deck is packaged in a red flocked slipcase, and the cards have gold-gilt edging.

While published exclusively for years by Naipes Comas of Spain, Königsfurt-Urania (now part of Cartamundi) later picked up the rights in the 21st century. The primary publisher of the Dali deck is currently the German publishing house Taschen, with a newly-packaged edition released in 2019.