The Raziel Tarot (Deluxe Edition)

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The latest collaboration between tarot legends Rachel Pollack (The Shining Tribe Tarot) and Robert Place (The Alchemical Tarot), the Raziel Tarot is subtitled "The Secret Teachings of Adam and Eve". Focusing specifically on Jewish tradition and symbolism (as opposed to usurped Jewish teachings, such as Hermetic Qabalah), this majors-only-plus-two deck draws not just from the Old Testament, but from a wide swath of Hebraic culture and lore. As usual, Place packs a wealth of symbols into his illustrations while maintaining an uncluttered classic elegance, while Pollack's accompanying booklet eloquently weaves the two spiritual disciplines into a unified experience. Major arcana only, with two additional cards: the Tree of Knowledge, and the Tree of Life. The cards of the original deluxe edition have gold-gilt edging.