22 Arcani 'i Gatti Buffi'

Il Meneghello

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One of two black-and-white cat tarots by prolific tarot artist Osvaldo Menegazzi. The 'Gatti Buffi' has a more humorous flavor that Menegazzi's 'Gatti' tarot. 22 cards, published in 1990, in a limited edition of 2,000 copies.

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    22 Arcani 'I Gatti Buffi'

    Posted by Unknown on May 23rd 2018

    Delightful and enjoyable, more a collective piece of art than a tarot deck. Lighter of heart and larger than its 'I Gatto' sibling released the same year (1990), but the attractive minimalist presentation and detailed pen and ink art are the same. Compared to its sibling, the card edges in 'I Gatto Buffi' seem better aligned with the image borders. The card stock is thick, creamy, textured on the surface, very much like heavy stock, high-rag-content watercolor paper. Likely, neither the card stock nor the drawings would hold up to any form of rigorous shuffling. The 22 cards are held together horizontally a thin piece of paper that wraps around ; a faux book cover with spine closes around the cards and is kept closed with small ribbons that can be tied into a bow. Each trump is numbered at the top and is its name appears at the bottom in Italian. Certainly lovers of cats would enjoy these 22 cards, but you could do the occasional amusing majors' reading, too. Either way, they are well worth adding to your collection.