Journey of the Animal Tarot

Privately Published

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78 cards in drawstring bag
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Limited edition of 50 copies (reported)
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Unknown (ca. 2020?)
Chocolate Pony

78-card artist-published deck that appears to be an updated combination of two originally-separate releases -- a majors-only "Journey of the Animal Tarot" and a more monochromatic printing of the minors released as the "Animal Kingdom Tarot". (If we're wrong about that, please feel free to contact us with a correction.) This edition was verbally reported to us by the artist as being a limited release of 50 copies, although there is no edition statement card included to confirm this. The characters, while devoid of really meaty symbolism, are appropriate for their assigned cards, and are charming to look at. The minor arcana suits are assigned names of their traditional elementals -- Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. The pip cards are a conglomeration of scenic, non-scenic, and semi-scenic images.