Lo Scarabeo Tarot (Deluxe Edition)

Lo Scarabeo

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Deluxe version. Here's an idea that's great in theory: combine elements from three of the most historically important tarots -- the Marseille, the Rider-Waite, and the Crowley-Harris (Thoth) deck -- to create something that provides the best of all symbolic worlds. Whether the results succeed, however, may depend on individual tastes. There do seem to be a few oddities added in here -- for example, why is the High Priestess admiring herself in a hand-mirror? At worst, the deck represents a noble experiment that may or may not work -- which is more than can be said of many other decks. On the other hand, such a deck could be just what tarot students need to broaden their view and encourage a fresh re-examination of tarot's roots and relevance.