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Over the years, we've ended up with a lot of non-tarot oracle decks that we're just not up to cataloging. We're primarily focused on tarot after all, with a smattering of Lenormand and a few other classic parlor sybils. But we still really think these extra decks deserve a home. So we're offering you the chance to adopt them.

For the listed price, we'll select one of our homeless oracle decks for you. Most are preowned, although a few have come to us still in their factory seal. We won't tell you what we're going to pick (after all, surprises are fun, right?), but we will guarantee the following:

  • The selected item, while likely preowned, will be in Very Good or better condition (see our condition rating chart here). If the item is preowned, we will have inspected it for completeness, and we guarantee that all cards are present. If the item retains its original factory seal, we will not break the seal to inspect the contents, but if the item turns out to be incomplete, we will issue you a store credit for it upon request.
  • The item will *not* be a tarot -- it will be some manner of oracle deck. Since our inventory of these items includes a hugely wide variety of products, we can't be more specific than that.
  • The item may or may not include a guidebook. Some decks simply were not issued with books.
  • You can make special requests in the "Notes" field on the checkout screen, but we cannot guarantee we can honor them. For example, you could request "please don't send me a deck that relies heavily on abstract art", or "I'm kind of partial to nature-themed items", and we might be able to help you there. But then again, we might not -- but we'll try. However, we definitely won't be able to accommodate requests such as "I want the Gypsy Fortune-Telling Card deck set by Raymond Buckland that was published in the early 2000s". Yes, we have a lot of decks in our metaphorical bag -- but what we have is still a minuscule fraction of what's been published. The chances of us having the exact item you're looking for a slim to none. And really, with grab bags -- isn't being surprised the whole point?
  • We do have a few truly vintage decks that we'll be distributing. Please note that these decks will be in Very Good condition overall, but because of their vintage nature, will likely have age-related discoloration and/or exhibit card curvature, and may be missing the original box or instruction leaflet.

Please note that all grab bag sales are final, unless you receive an incomplete deck from our factory-sealed selection, as explained above.