Tarot Garden Acquisitions: Request a Quote

Looking to re-home some of the decks in your tarot collection? We can help. Check out the section on our FAQ page entitled "Do you buy preowned decks and collections?" for information on our acquisitions service, then return here to get in touch with us about the items you'd like to sell. Go ahead; we'll wait.

Finished reviewing the FAQ information on our service? Awesome. Use the form below to let us know what you have for sale, a general description of the condition of the item(s), and how we can contact you for further discussion.

If you are looking to sell a larger collection, simply let us know roughly how many decks are included. Once we're in direct contact, we can give you instructions for sending an attachment with the details (we'd like to let you do that straight from this page, but our eCommerce platform doesn't give us an option for allowing visitors to upload files).

Alternatively, please feel free to message us via our FaceBook page to inquire about selling decks or sending us a list or attachment of the decks you have available.

PLEASE NOTE: We are only purchasing "true" tarots (i.e., decks that match an accepted tarot format of trump cards + pip cards) and Lenormand decks at this time. As our mission is, and has always been, primarily laser-focused on tarot, we are not seeking to purchase other types of historical fortune-telling cards nor original/singular oracle deck formats. Also, while we will purchase items that are missing non-card components -- e.g., original boxes, guidebooks, etc. -- we do NOT purchase decks that are missing any cards (title, advertisement, and instructions cards excepted).

Also -- one small request, please: if you avail yourself of this service, you do not have to accept our offer, of course. But please don't simply contact us for a quote merely to figure out how much to directly sell your decks for elsewhere. While it is true that a portion of our mission is to provide information on tarot decks to the general public, that mission is supported by the business side of our site. That means we need to allocate our not-unlimited amount of customer service time to our paying customers first. And, let's be honest: offering to sell somebody something when you totally intend to sell it elsewhere from the get-go is a pretty d*ck move. So... just don't. Thanks.