The Golden Tarot

U.S. Games Systems

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78 cards and 192-page mini softcover guidebook in lidded upright cardboard box (authorized edition); 22 cutout cards released as magazine insert (unauthorized edition)
Publication Status:
Authorized Edition: In Print; Unauthorized Edition: Out of Print
New or Preowned as indicated; Preowned copy is Mint
Country of Publication:
Authorized Edition: U.S.A.; Unauthorized Edition: Germany
Publication Year:
Authorized Edition: 2004; Unauthorized edition: 2001
Kat Black
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Tarot with art taken from and inspired by historical European paintings, assembled to express core, archetypal ideas. Published by U.S. Games Systems since 2004, the major arcana images from Black's original electronic edition were initially used for an unauthorized printing produced by a German publishing company, who downloaded the images from the Internet without the artists' permission, and included the cards with their 2002 tarot planner calendar.