The Medieval Feathers Tarot

Blue Angel Publishing

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78 cards and 232-page softcover guidebook in lidded cardboard box
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In Print
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Alejandro Rozán, Jay Rivera
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Inspired by historical decks and Medieval artwork, The Medieval Feathers Tarot blends an old-school traditional feel with contemporary spirituality. Each image is inspired by one found in one of several pre-19th century decks, and then adds a different bird's feather to imbue additional significance to the card's meaning. Other than the feathers, the pip cards, as with most historical decks, are non-scenic. As for the Court Cards, the designer takes and interesting approach. According to the text by Jay R. Rivera: "Their meanings are divided into two sections: The first is 'in a situation', indicating actions or circumstances in the querent's life. The second is an archetypal person, representing personalities or traits described within a reading. Both can be right, and your intuition will guide you to which is relevant in a reading'.