Chrysalis Tarot

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Childlike and magical, the friendly images of the Chrysallis Tarot probably land this one squarely in the category of a "fluffy bunny" deck -- but the illustrations are so appealing that we don't mind one bit. Bright colors and beautiful, flowing figures paint an enchanting magical landscape that we'd love to visit for real. The Major Arcana pull from mythical sources, such as Papa Legba for Strength and the Phoenix for Judgment. The Minor Arcana suits include Spirals (Wands), Mirrors (Cups), Scrolls (Swords), and Stones (Pentacles). The court cards retain their original designations (Page, Knight, Queen, King), but include a special title unique to each of the sixteen personalities, such as "The Watcher" for the Queen of Cups and "The Pilgrim" for the Page of Swords.