Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to our FAQ page!

We'll be adding topics to this page on a regular basis, so check back periodically to learn more about our website, our business, and our mission.


I found something I want to buy -- why can't I add it to my shopping cart?

We're glad you want to make a purchase from us... your business is how we keep this website running. But our mission is not solely commercial... it is, in equal measure, to be a source for information on tarot decks. Yes, 99.9% of the titles listed on our website are decks we've had available for sale at one time or another. But they're not something that we necessarily have available for sale now. But we might have them for sale again in the future.

We leave all of our listings accessible so that people can see the samples, and learn a little about these great decks. And we continue to buy and sell on the collectors' market... so even if you can't purchase that beautiful old deck right now, you can add it to your "Wish List" so that you can maybe see if and when a preowned copy becomes available (or simply see when we restock it, if its a title that's still in print).

Which is, admittedly, a long way of saying, "if you can't add it to your shopping cart, we don't have it in stock right now."

Is your website GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant?

Speaking as Tarot Garden: absolutely. Our data usage policy is pretty simple: you place an order with us, we collect the info we need to process that order and ship it to you. You ask to receive mailings from us, we collect the information we need to send those mailings to you. Other than that, we don't track anything. And we don't share any of your info with third parties unless we're required to do so by law. Nada. Zip.

That said, since our move to the BigCommerce eCommerce engine, we no longer actually directly handle the logistics of our customer accounts. All account information is collected and stored through an eCommerce provided called BigCommerce. Yeah, we can get to the essentials of it (minus specific payment account details), but we don't control its storage and security. However, we've had nothing but great luck with BigCommerce, and we feel that their platform works in the best interest of customers as well as vendors. If you're interested in knowing the specifics of how BigCommerce helps its subscribers to comply with the GDPR, you can click here to visit their GDPR information page.