Merryday Tarot

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Colorful and fanciful, the Merryday Tarot offers some alternative Major Arcana titles (such as "Time Lord" for Temperance and "Journeyman" for the Hanged Man) and a different approach to the Court cards. The court card titles are as follows:

‰Û¢ Wands: King of Fire, Queen of Wands, Summer Warrior, Elemental (Unicorn)
‰Û¢ Cups: King of Autumn, Queen of Cups, Water Warrior, Elemental (Mermaid)
‰Û¢ Swords: King of Air, Queen of Swords, Spring Warrior, Elemental (Pegasus)
‰Û¢ Pentacles: Winter King, Queen of Pentacles, Earth Warrior, Elemental (Centaur, Satyr)

The Aces of each suit are represented as dragons of the suits' elements (e.g., "Water Dragon" for the Ace of Cups).