Tarot of the Boroughs

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Self-described as "a contemporary urban deck set in New York City," the Tarot of the Boroughs is a fun addition to that subgenre of tarots that might be classified as "Slice-of-Life" decks. However, in contrast to some of the better-known classic photographic decks, such as the Mountain Dream Tarot and the Siri New York Tarot, the pictures are in color instead of black-and-white. Several noted New York writers and visual/performing artists modeled for the deck, including Moby and Mwt Shekemet. The images are sometimes patterned after the Waite-Smith meanings, and sometimes not. But regardless of how you interpret them, there's definitely some nice food-for-thought-and-discussion to be found in the 78 tableaus that Weber and Courtney present.