Angel Wisdom Cards

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78 cards and 234-page softcover guide booklet in lidded cardboard box
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In Print
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Raleigh Valentine, Dan Craig
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We gotta be honest -- we didn't expect to like this deck as much as we did. Yes, the illustrations are beautiful, but the cards are packed with exposition at the bottom, and it's a little "fluffy bunny" for folks looking for a deep-and-balanced spiritual dive. But in fact, the inscriptions and the accompanying guidebook provide some good, yet easy-to-follow, reflection points; the close adherence to the RWS template means it's easy to jump into; and it has a higher-than-expected ratio of multicultural and LGBTQ+ friendly images (although a few more of the latter would have made this even better). There's some renaming of the Majors to mesh with the whole angelic/healing theme, of course (for example, The Tower becomes "Transformation"), but there's nothing odd or off-putting about the tweaks. And the Minor suits adopt the convention of substituting elemental correspondences for the traditional suit symbols -- Fire for Wands, Water for Cups, Air for Swords, and Earth for Coins/Pentacles.