Dante Tarot (Marchesi)

Lo Scarabeo

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78 cards in upright lidded cardboard box
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Guido Zibordi Marchesi

Deck with artwork and themes inspired by the works of 14th century writer Dante Alighieri -- author of the famous Dante's Inferno. Not to be confused with 1983's i Tarocchi di Dante e dei Fedeli d'Amore by Wolfango Poggi, nor with Lo Scarabeo's 2001 Dante Tarot by Berti and Serio. In fact, this is simply a higher-quality reprinting of Guido Zibordi Marchesi's 2001 deck originally published under the title Giotto Tarot.

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    Surprisingly Gentle

    Posted by Kata Dahl Russell on Mar 27th 2024

    I have had a life long interest in Dante’s “Divine Comedy.” I have taken two courses in it, and watched whatever is available. So this deck being dedicated to this significant religious literary work, it was natural for me to get. I’m an interdisciplinary performing artist, and I’ve been very invested in trying to connect and use my interests in the things that I do and create. I read that this deck had been previously released as a Giotto deck, and that makes sense. The artwork is in his style, and it fits beautifully with the religious themes of Dante’s work. Given the extremes of Dante’s work (depression, loss, hell and heaven) this deck surprised me by reading in a very gentle way. I do not see s great deal of direct connection to his writing, but more a deck inspired by him, his life, and his spiritual search and growth within a Catholic Christian context. It reads very easily as a straightforward RWS deck, but perhaps weak in the area of related symbolism one may be used to for readings, especially the minor arcana, which have artwork, but are almost more like elaborate pips. The big information on these cards is the number. If I recall correctly, the LWB did not include reversals, which adds to the gentle spirit of this deck. If you’re looking for a deck that gives you a powerful reading with a lot to spring off of in various modes, this may not be dir you. If you are interested in the Dante theme, and an evocative art deck with unusual historically inspired artwork that reads gently with a quiet voice, this should work well for you. Like quiet people, I expect this deck to take awhile for me to fully experience it.