De Tarot in de Herstelde Orde

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'Corrected' version of the Rider-Waite and other esoteric tarots, whose Dutch title translates to 'Restored Order Tarot.' Deck includes 78 + 2 extra cards (Juno and Jupiter, or Intuition and Truth). The minor arcana cards are largely redrawn variations of the Rider-Waite minors, although the coloring is more vivid than those found in 'classic' R/W editions. The major arcana illustrations are similar to the R/W majors for some cards, but have been reenvisioned for others. The numbering of several of the majors has been adjusted -- for example, the number assignments for the 'Temperance' and 'Death' cards have been reversed. The Van Leeuwen's book for this deck was eventually published in English under the title The Complete New Tarot, but no arrangements were ever completed for publishing an English-language version of the deck itself.