Fairy Tarot Cards

Hay House

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‎ 9781401957209
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78 cards and 192-page guide booklet in lidded cardboard box
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In Print
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2019 (reissue; originally published in 2015 with Doreen Virtue listed as co-author)
Author / Artist:
Radleigh Valentine, Howard David Johnson
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Winged sprites frolic and romp in the illustrations of this feel-good tarot. The artwork would be a dazzling feast for the eye in an illustrated fantasy or children's book, but here, the pictures are engulfed by overlarge borders that make them much more difficult to enjoy. The upside is that the larger framing is used in order to provide textual guidance to the cards' interpretation, which may be welcome for those who are new to using tarot for reading or self-reflective meditation. Many of the major arcana have been renamed to soften the more oft-maligned cards -- the Devil as "Ego" and the Tower as "Life Experience", for example. The suits have been renamed after the seasons of the year, with the following correspondences: Spring = Wands, Summer = Cups, Winter = Swords, Autumn = Coins / Pentacles. NOTE: This title was originally published in 2015 with Doreen Virtue listed as a co-author of the deck/booklet. Virtue's name was removed after her conversion to Born-Again Christianity, leaving Radleigh Valentine credited as the guidebook's sole author.