i 55 Tarocchi di Alan


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55 cards, variously packaged in standard or slipcover cardboard box
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Out of Print
New (preowned, but retains original factory seal; unopened)
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Alan (with acknowledged assistance of Ivana Garibaldi and Ermindo Gabrielli
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55 card tarock deck with an unusual composition. The following description of the cards is taken from Stuart Kaplan's Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. 3: "The deck comprises twenty-two Major Arcana and thirty-three Minor Arcana with eight cards in the suit of swords, batons, and cups, and nine cards in the suit of coins. The titles of the Major Arcana are often different from those of most other tarot decks; for instance, card 11, usually called Strength, is called Il Drago, "The Dragon". The suit cards are not strictly divided into courts and numbered cards, although some of the cards resemble courts. Each card is double-ended and the back design shows the logo of Modiano, a leaping stag, surrounded by the wheel of the zodiac and starts in blue and white."