i Tarocchi Perduti

Alia Uno

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Unfortunately, our detailed description of this item was lost in the "great database crash" several years ago, and we no longer have a complete copy of it in our library to refer to. What we do remember is that this item, in its entirety, consists of five decks by five separate artists. Each deck consists of 35 cards. While having some cards in common with standard tarots (such as "Morte" -- Death), a complete set of traditional majors could not be assembled from what is provided. Still, these decks were not intended to be a reworking of the tarot major arcana; other cards found herein include "Caos" (Chaos) and "Phoenix", and several other alternate concepts. A number of the cards have both male and female versions -- for example, the Magician card is rendered both as the "Bagatto" and the "Bagatta". The illustration style of the decks is not overly detailed, but stylistically, each is different and original.