La Santa Muerte Lenormand

Schiffer Publishing

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38 cards and 96-page softcover guidebook in magnetic side closure cardboard box
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Preorder; scheduled release May 2022
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Dan Pelletier, Callie French

Designed and written by the Tarot Garden's own Dan Pelletier, and illustrated by Callie French, the Santa Muerte Lenormand is a labor of love centered on the spiritual path of the much-misunderstood Mexican saint / goddess. La Santa Muerte, Our Lady of the Holy Death, is known for answering prayers that other saints often will not. A 38-card deck (there are two variants each of the "Caballero" and "Señora" cards) with Spanish titles, Pelletier breaks down the card meanings in clear and concise fashion, complimented by French's colorful and engaging illustrations. If you are a follower of La Santa Muerte (or soon plan to be), this deck is for you, and includes all that you need to get you on the road to reading Lenormand. Two spreads and an explanation of the colors of the candles used to request favors of La Santa Muerte round out the book.

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    ¡La Santa Muerte es magnífica!

    Posted by Paul on Jun 16th 2022

    This deck is destined to become my go-to deck. The superb production values are evident from the first moment you hold the deck box. No flimsy playing card case here! It is a heavy-duty box with a magnetic flap enclosure meant to last repeated handlings. But that extra touch of eye and nose cutouts that strategically display the 2 Significators on the book cover - screams attention to its detail and high quality. The deck fulfills that promise of quality. Clear, crisp images - yet without all the distracting clutter so many modern decks go overboard on. The art is true to the tradition, both in regards to Lenormand itself, but also to the traditions of La Santa Muerte. The superb quality and attention to detail continues with the accompanying booklet. (104 pages!) Dan honors the tradition with his clear introduction to Lenormand, sound methodology for interpreting the cards accurately, and his card meanings. I also appreciated his explanation of several standard Lenormand spreads, and especially his very own marvelous La Pequeña Cruz spread. Through out, great respect and sensitivity is paid to the vibrant and potent traditions of La Santa Muerte! It is hard not to sound over-the-top with a deck like this. It has exceeded all my expectations.