Magic Tarot of the Master

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78 cards and softcover guidebook (in Chinese) in magnetic side closure shelfbox
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So... our original description of this tarot was one of the casualties of the Great Tarot Garden Data Transfer of 2018. In trying to reconstruct that information, we're working strictly off of the box and book in our library, which are 99.9% in Chinese -- and even in Chinese, no publisher or publication date page is present. Here's what we can tell you: it is a full 78-card deck with scenic pips, following the standard major-minor/suits/courts structure, with card titles in Chinese and occasionally misspelled English -- for example, we have the "Queed of Pentacles", and the Queen of Wands is labeled as "Queen of Cups" (the Queen of Cups card itself is also labeled, correctly, the "Queen of Cups"). The only English word on the outside of the box is spelled "Torot", even though the word "Tarot", when it appears in English in the book, is also correctly spelled. The majors are represented by Greek Gods, but we have no further English text to indicate what inspired the minors. Under the Chinese title on the book cover, the English words "The Famous Illustrator in the World" appear. It is possible that the artwork was gakked from the preexisting work of one of the more noted Western fantasy artists -- and we might have known who that was when we first acquired this item for our library, but now... memory fails. Anyway, it's a pretty-to-look at collection of illustrations; arguments can be made both for and against whether there's much that is actually tarot-like contained within.