Margarete Petersen Tarot (Burgandy Border Editions)

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78 cards in lidded cardboard box
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In Print
New (2021 printing)
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2001, 2021
Margarete Petersen
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Dreamy, abstract, and surreal: the Margerete Petersen Tarot is a 78-card deck that takes Petersen's major arcana images (originally published as the Margarete Petersen Tarot Postcards), and expands with fluid minor arcana panoramas that will likely find more adherents among those who prefer their tarot imagery to be more "intuitive". This original 2001 and the 2021 re-release printings frame the illustrations in wine-colored borders, in contrast to the 2nd edition, which encases each card with a white-gray border. The 2021 printing uses significantly thinner cardstock, but unlike the original 2001 printing, was made available in an English-language edition.