Marziano Tarot

Hermes Publications

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64 cards in standard cardboard box

Noted tarot artist and historian Robert Place renders his interpretation of "The oldest known tarot deck" -- that is, the first suited playing cards to include trumps. Based on a deck description from a 1449 letter written to Queen Isabelle of Lorraine, the suits of the Marziano (named after Marziano da Tortona, who reportedly provided the design specifications to the original deck's artist) are represented by birds, each of which Place has visually equated to one of the more traditional tarot suits: Phoenixes (Wands), Doves (Cups), Eagles (Swords), and Turtledoves (Pentacles/Coins). The deck includes 64 cards, divided as follows: four suits of Ace - 10, plus two courts (Queen and King), and 16 trumps depicting classical gods.