Millennium Thoth Tarot

Lo Scarabeo

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78 cards in upright, lidded cardboard box
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Renata Lechner
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While there have been hundreds of Rider-Waite-Smith reimaginings offered up over the last 80+ years, it's interesting to observe that there have been relatively few Crowley Thoth "cover decks" released over the same time period. While arguably not quite as well known as its RWS counterpart, there's also no denying that the Thoth deck has also had a profound impact on the world of tarot. Entering into that small-ish arena is the Millennium Thoth -- a 21st century updating of Lady Harris' illustrations. While we here at the Tarot Garden still prefer the original, there's something to be said for the "clean" look of Renata Lechner's digital renditions. With Crowley's symbolism largely pared down to just a selection of the essentials, Lechner's interpretations retain Harris' overall composition while bringing Crowley's admittedly "esoterically dense" concepts into reach for students and readers who may be new to the approach. Crowley's modified titles are retained here (e.g., "Adjustment" for "Justice", "Aeon" for "Judgment", etc.), as well as his court card designations (Princess, Prince, Queen, Knight), resulting in a relatively faithful adaptation of an undeniably influential work.