Occult Tarot


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78 cards and 120-page softcover guidebook in lidded cardboard box
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In Print
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2019 (self-published release), 2020 (Rockpool edition)
Travis McHenry
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Demons from myth, legend, and theology are paired with tarot to create a deck in the Solomonic magical tradition. Designed as a novelty and/or a ritual deck for summoning / binding dark entities (depending on your personal tastes), each card displays the entities' abilities and characteristics, as well as various symbols and sigils used to represent or invoke the spirit. The names of the opposing angels for each is included in Hebrew under the demon's own name. The majors are not numbered in the traditional fashion; in fact, all cards are assigned a sequential number from one to seventy-two, each of which does not have a particular correspondence to the cards' traditional numbering (although the minors also include the usual numbers and court card titles). The remaining six cards are unnumbered, and are grouped under the heading of "The Six Rulers". The deck is trimmed in vibrant red gilt edging -- impressive to look at, but resulting in the cards sticking together when first removed from the box.