Pamela Colman Smith: The Untold Story

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440-page 8" x 10-1/2" hardcover book. Limited edition leather and cloth bound, gold stamped, signed by authors.
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Standard Edition: In Print. Limited Edition: Supply still remaining as of May 2019.
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Stuart Kaplan, with Mary K. Greer, Elizabeth Foley O'Connor, and Melinda Boyd Parsons
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Stuart Kaplan's magnum opus on the lady who arguably -- directly or indirectly -- is responsible for you reading this description right now. Pamela Colman Smith's contribution to tarot was not celebrated in her lifetime, and little of her biography and work has been generally known until very recently. Kaplan brings together her life, her art, and her world in this beautiful, coffee table-sized hardcover book -- available both in a standard edition, and in a limited edition format (500 copies) signed by the author and his collaborators. The limited edition is also leather-spine bound, covered in green cloth (Smith's favorite color), with Smith's signature gold-stamped on the cover and the slipcase. An absolute must-have for the library of every serious student and collector of tarot.