PanSophia Mundi Tarot

Rinascimento Italian Style Art

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22 cards in small, upright lidded cardboard box (standard/"art" edition); 22 cards in drawstring bag in large, lidded cardboard box (large/"deluxe" edition)
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Limited edition (999 copies, standard edition; 666 copies, deluxe edition)
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Giordano Berti, Selene Ballerini, Roberto Negrini
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Majors-only deck, conceived by Rinascimento Italian Style Art's curator, Giordano Berti, whose desire to create a work dedicated fully to the “sacred feminine” led him to work with OTO scholars and magists Selene Ballerini and Roberto Negrini. The 22 computer-designed images "continue and deepen the thelemic philosophy established in Aleister Crowley’s Book of Thoth Tarot." Published in two limited-edition formats: 999 copies of a small edition ("standard" -- 2.5" x 4.875" / 62 mm x 123 mm), housed in an upright lidded cardboard box, and 666 copies of a large edition ("deluxe" -- 3.25" x 6" / 80 mm x 152 mm), enclosed in a gold drawstring bag and packaged in a standard lidded cardboard box. Each version includes a numbered statement of limited edition, signed by Berti. NOTE: The accompanying guide booklet included with our stock copies is in English.