Tarot of the Haunted House

Lo Scarabeo

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78 cards in standard cardboard box
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In Print
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Sasha Graham, Mirco Pierfederici
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Despite what one might take from the deck's name, Graham and Pierfederici's Tarot of the Haunted House is not a deck filled with images of spectral beings and paranormal phenomenon. Instead, it presents a clever, thoughtful approach to its theme by telling the classic tale of The Fool's Journey through the lens of gothic horror. Yes, there are spooky goings-on here... but what is their real source, and what hidden motives do the characters depicted on the cards harbor? This deck may or may not work well as a divination deck, depending on your reading style... but it certainly provides an intriguing pictorial story that is limited only by the viewer's imagination. The cards are delightfully borderless, and also untitled -- although there are small numeric and symbolic indices on each card to identify their values.