Tarot of the Silicon Dawn

Lo Scarabeo

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96 cards and 128-page softcover companion guidebook in heavy cardstock box with magnetic flap closure
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Out of Print
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Egypt Urnash

The companion book begins with the words, "Tarot is a big pack of lies and misinterpretations" and proceeds to rock the foundations of Tarot, in a style that reveals the authors deep love and knowledge of the art, history, and the images of Tarot. The deck is composed of 96 cards -- all 78 of the "traditional" majors and minors are there, but there are 18 additional cards included as follows:

- A "99" card for each of the four standard minor arcana suits (positioned above the "10" card)
- 3 additional variants of The Fool card (the four total versions are each numbered "0" with subscripts 0, 1, 2, and -1)
- Another extra major arcana card titled "History", numbered as "X" and positioned between the "10" (Fortune) and "11" (Justice) cards
- A fifth suit of five cards, titled (VOID) [sic], consisting of the court cards plus a "0" (zero) card.
- An assortment of five additional cards, with the following titles: 8-1/2 Maya, XIII Vulture Mother, VIII She is Legend, Aleph (subscript 4) November, one untitled

In addition the creative and sometimes whimsical illustrations, many of the cards are subtly embossed, such that potions of the image do not reveal themselves until held correctly in reflective light. In the (VOID) suit, the cards are almost entirely black, with the images of the court cards only made visible by positioning them so as to expose the embossing. As such, this is not a good deck for low-light-level "bar" readings.

Now out of print, this deck was sorely overlooked during its brief appearance on the general market.

Buyer Advisory: While not an "erotic deck" per se, a few of the cards contained in this deck include sexually explicit elements.