The Alchemical Tarot (black-and-white version)

Hermetic Journal, Edition Ouroboros

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Alchemical symbols are interwoven into tarot designs of the major arcana in this black-and-white set of cards. Listed in Kaplan's 'Encyclopedia of Tarot,' vol. III, p. 51, 54-55. In his descriptions, Kaplan lists the deck as being completed in 1983, and published by the 'Hermetic Journal' in 1987, in a limited edition of 150 signed copies. The deck was reissued in 1989 by Edition Ouroboros of Denmark, with a subset of 100 copies of the Ouroboros printing being hand-painted and numbered by the artist. For samples of the hand-painted version, refer to the Tarot Garden database listing The Alchemical Tarot (hand-painted version).