The Book of Shadows Tarot, Vol. 1: As Above

Lo Scarabeo

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The first volume of a two-deck set, The Book of Shadows Tarot: As Above takes an ethereally spiritual approach to tarot's usual symbolism. Both decks cater to a Wiccan perspective; in Volume 1, however, the card titles diverge from the norm (although the general thrust of the symbolism remains true to contemporary interpretations). For example, the Magician Card is renamed "The Elements", while The Star is called "Samhain". The minor arcana suits are named after their associated elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth), rather than the traditional symbolic names (Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles). Wiccan deities, rituals, holidays, and tools are heavily incorporated into the imagery of each card. In contrast, the second volume draws on symbols taken from day-to-day life.