The Brotherhood of the Light Tarot

U.S. Games Systems

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78 cards in assorted packaging, depending on edition
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1936, with subsequent reprints
C. C. Zain

Egyptian-style tarot also known as the ‰"The Church of the Light" tarot. Originally developed in the 1930s, the black-and-white illustrations are based on descriptions provided by C. C. Zain in his book The Sacred Tarot, which in turn were based on the majors as described by René Falconer in 1896. The deck was reprinted multiple times over the years, both privately and for the mass market by U.S. Games Systems. According to Kaplan IV, p. 702: "The deck was originally published as Egyptian Tarot Cards, then Brotherhood of Light Tarot, then Church of Light Tarot." The pip cards have the suit symbols arranged in various geometric patterns, but are non-scenic.