The Buddha Tarot

Red Feather (Schiffer)

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78 cards and softcover guidebook in cardboard shelfbox (Llewellyn) or magnetic side closure shelfbox (Red Feather)
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In Print (Red Feather edition)
New (Red Feather edition)
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Publication Year:
2004 (Llewellyn); 2021 (Red Feather)
Author / Artist:
Robert Place
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As the title suggests, the imagery and symbolism of this deck/book set is focused on Buddhism history and practices. The story of Siddhartha on his journey to enlightenment is told in the Majors. The minor arcana suits are Lotuses (Fire), Double Vajras (Water), Vajras (Air), and Jewels (Earth). The minors are sparsely illustrated, with pips arranged and displayed more closely to the non-scenic Marseille style. Originally published by Llewellyn Worldwide in 2004 with white borders, the set was reissued in 2021 by Red Feather with black borders, after being several years out of print.