The Gilded Tarot

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78 cards and softcover guidebook in cardboard shelfbox
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Out of Print (see listing for Gilded Tarot Royale for current edition)
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Ciro Marchetti, Barbara Moore
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Wildly popular, fully-illustrated 78-card deck from the creator of the Tarot of Dreams. A rich fantasy world awaits the viewer in the lush tableaus of each card. Some find the deck rich and gorgeously illustrated; others call the deck eye-candy fluff. Either way, it seems to be a deck that doesn't leave the viewer feeling neutral.

ADDENDUM, 13 DECEMBER 2020: This edition is now out of print, but superseded by a reworked edition released under the name Gilded Tarot Royale. The new edition is borderless, with a large number of the illustrations that have been reworked. See our Gilded Tarot Royale listing in order to compare our sample card scans for this edition to the new edition.