The Harmony Tarot

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78 cards in lidded cardboard box
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Harmony Nice
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Whether or not Harmony Nice's Harmony Tarot can actually be classified as a tarot may be a matter of debate. The deck is built around the popular 78-card structure, split into a Major Arcana of 22 cards, and a four-suited Minor Arcana of 56 cards (14 cards per suit). However, it would be a stretch to align any of the Majors of this deck with those of the Marseille / Waite-Smith / Thoth structures. The Minors are perhaps somewhat closer to the norm, with the suits being named after the seasons, and roughly aligned with the standard constellations of concepts attributed to the more common Wands / Cups / Swords / Pentacles format. Each suit does include ten pip cards and four courts -- the latter designated Page / Knight / Queen / King, as per usual. The pips would technically be considered non-scenic; instead, a seasonal flower is depicted for each suit group, with the number of blossoms on the flower corresponding to the card's numerical value -- e.g., six bluebell blossoms on the Six of Spring (= 6 of Wands). The Majors are more focused on expressing the artist/creator's vision of magical and natural phenomenon, manifested in the world around us. The deck as a whole celebrates a Pagan spiritual path.