The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot

Ulysses Press

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78 cards and 142-page softcover guide booklet in lidded cardboard box.
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Linzi Silverman

As the title suggests, the cards of the Intuitive Nght Goddess Tarot feature the deific-like women set against starry night skies. More unexpectedly, however, is that although referred to throughout the accompanying guide booklet as “goddesses”, there is no indication that any of the women depicted represent any particular goddesses. The images are multicultural, at any rate, with a pretty eclectic assortment of ethnicities represented. In keeping with the feminine theme, all male figures have been replaced with females, and as such, many of the major arcana cards have been retitled. For example, here, “The Emperor” is referred to as “The Monarch”. The court cards have been retitled as “Nymph”, “Warrior”, “Queen”, and “Spirit”.