The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus

Tuttle Publishing

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In The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus, prolific tarot creators John and Caitlin Matthews share images from a newly discovered (1994) 16th century manuscript, purported to have been based on a heretofore undiscovered work of the prophet Nostradamus. According to the authors, the original paintings were likely painted by Nostradamus' son, C̩sar, and bear uncanny symbolic similarities to traditional tarot cards. In the minor arcana, the Matthews have chosen suit symbols to reflect their vision of Nostradamus' world: "Suns" for Wands, "Moons" for Cups, "Stars" for Swords, and "Spheres" for Pentacles. The court cards have also been retitled: "Apprentice" for Pages, "Astrologer" for Knights, "Astronomer" for Queens, and "Alchemist" for Kings.