The Magic of Tarot (a.k.a The Art of Tarot)


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78 cards and softcover guidebook in lidded cardboard box; exact box style varies by printing
Publication Status:
In Print
New. Our copy is from the "Barnes & Noble" printing. Main box is factory sealed, but box lid has some creases.
Country of Publication:
U.K. / U.S.A.
Publication Year:
2002, with subsequent, repackaged reprintings through 2015
Author / Artist:
Liz Dean, Emma Garner
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Novice-oriented 78-card deck with characters ended in a somewhat contemporary Rafaelism-esque style. The minors are non-scenic. Several printings were issued, in varying packaging styles. The box of some editions includes the claim "created exclusively for Barnes & Noble". The latest edition renamed the deck from The Art of Tarot to The Magic of Tarot. The deck was featured in an episode of Coronation Street in 2013.