The Tarot and the Mysteries of Love and Sex

Oestara Publishing

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If you like your tarots sexually steamy, they don't come much more graphically steamy than this (well, except for perhaps Amerigo Folchi's Tarocco dei Giardini di Priapo. Unlike Folchi's deck, however, this tarot is a mishmash of borrowed artwork, compiled from sources ranging from the Kama Sutra to naughty Victorian-era illustration. Graphic, yes. Tarot... maybe. A must-have for anyone who needs their collection of erotic tarots to be complete... probably. The back of the box gives the alternative title of "Tarot of the Divine Union". NOTE: contains unexpurgated sexual content; viewing of sample scans is restricted to persons of age 18 and above. Deck is not available for sale to persons below 18 years of age.