The Tarot of Vampyres

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78 cards and 312-page softcover guidebook in cardboard shelfbox
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In Print
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Ian Daniels
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Gotta be honest... we weren't sure we were up for yet another vampire deck. Sure, those sensual beasties are hot right now... but it seems like there's yet another bloodsucker tarot released every six months. That said, if you're gonna proceed, this is probably the way to do it. With dramatic, gothic artwork that's cropped just right so that tiny details aren't swallowed up in a sea of card-image reduction, each tableau tells an intriguing story. The minor suits are titled Sceptres (Wands), Grails (Cups), Knives (Swords), and Skulls (Pentacles). The court cards rank Daughter, Prince, Queen, and Lord -- though in the best Crowley/Harris "Thoth" tradition, the Lords (Kings) are the mounted ones.