The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination

Red Feather (Schiffer)

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79 cards in cardboard shelf box (Harper Collins ed.) or magnetic side closure box (Red Feather ed.), with softcover guidebook
Publication Status:
In Print (Red Feather ed.); Out of Print (Harper Collins ed.)
New (Red Feather ed.)
Country of Publication:
Publication Year:
1995 (Harper Collins); 2022 (Red Feather)
Artist / Author:
Ed Buryn
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79-card tarot with themes and images inspired by the works and philosophies of 18th century artist and writer William Blake. The suits have been renamed as Music (= "Fire"), Painting (= "Water"), Science (= "Air"), and Poetry (= "Earth"). Includes an extra trump titled "00 - Eternity".

Originally published independently as a majors-only deck, it was picked up by Harper Collins in 1995 in expanded 78-card form with a softcover guidebook for massmarket distribution. Out of print for approximately two decades, the deck was re-released in 2022 by Red Feather. The Red Feather edition adds gold gilt edging to the cards.