The Elemental Tarot

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Beautiful, clean, slightly "tribal" images adorn Smith and Astrop's frequently and sadly underrated Elemental Tarot. There is a subtle symbolic brilliance woven into the illustrations that reveals itself to those who take the time to study and meditate upon these cartomantic tapestries. Astrological and alchemical symbolism, while not uncommonly found in tarot, are better executed here than in many by-the-book correspondences. The inclusion of keywords within the card borders, while often an irritant for experienced readers, are tastefully executed here and may actually prove more food-for-thought than distractions. Out of print as of this posting (January 2018), several editions were released, via assorted publishers, between the 1980s and the early 2000s. As a general rule, the earlier editions were of better print/packaging/cardstock quality; value on the collector's market of this title depends not only on condition, but edition.