Elemental Tarot for Kids

Schiffer Publishing

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Although it has features in common with a standard tarot, Rayne Storm's Elemental Tarot for Kids is not entirely tarot -- the major arcana consists of thirteen cards, divergent in symbolism from the twenty-two majors we all know and love. The minor arcana is somewhat more closely correlated with "traditional" tarot, consisting of four suits of nine (rather than ten) numbered (pip) cards and four "explorer" (court) cards each. As the deck's title suggests, the elemental attributions of the minor arcana suits are used as the names of the suits -- Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The court cards are titled Paige [sic], Sage, Mage, and Shaman. The accompanying companion manual is geared to helping young readers understand the basics of working with a cartomantic deck and interpreting the cards for themselves and, with practice, others as well. The accompanying materials claim that the deck consists of 71 cards, but as six of those cards are merely instructional and not designed to be shuffled, dealt, and interpreted, we put the "real" card count of this set at 65.