Fengshen Tarot

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78 cards and softcover guidebook (in Chinese) in cardboard slipcover shelfbox
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ca. 2006
Weng Ziyang

Asian-produced decks are always a bit difficult for us -- Western-centric as our language skills are -- to suss out the details for. Here's what we can tell you about the Fengshen Tarot, assuming our research hit on reliable sources: at least one website has dubbed it the first "Chinese-produced tarot cards", but since the publication date is ca. 2006, and we've been seeing tarot decks stream out of Taiwan that far precede that date, we're assuming the reference is to mainland China. The deck's title can be translated to English as "Apotheosis Tarot" or "Investiture of the Gods Tarot", and the characters depicted in the deck itself apparently come from the manga series Hoshi Engi, a.k.a. "Soul Hunter". The manga, in turn, is said to be "inspired by the Chinese literary classic Investiture of the Gods, a shenmo novel." (Wikipedia). The creator of Hoshi Engi is listed as Ryu Fujisaki, but the artwork of this deck is attributed to Weng Ziyang. The pips are non-scenic.