Gaian Tarot

Schiffer Publishing

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Schiffer edition: 78 cards and 184-page softcover guidebook in magnetic closure, hinge-lid cardboard box
Publication Status:
Schiffer edition: In Print. Llewellyn edition: Out of Print. Private Majors-Only edition: Out of Print
Schiffer edition: new
Country of Publication:
Publication Year:
Schiffer edition: 2016. Llewellyn edition: 2011
Joanna Powell Colbert
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Gaia is, of course, the Greek earth goddess -- so as one would expect, the focus of this deck's imagery is earth- and nature-based. The illustrations are bright and powerful -- some cards more powerful than others, but all evoking a sense of the essential connection between our earthly and our spiritual selves. The suits are named after the four elements -- Air, Fire, Water, and Earth -- and do not include any traditional suit names such as "Wands" or "Pentacles". The court cards are titled "Child", "Explorer", "Guardian", and "Elder".

There are three distinct editions of this deck... the first was a privately published, majors-only release. The deck was picked up by Llewellyn in 2011, and expanded to 78 cards with accompanying guidebook. When Llewellyn allowed their rights to lapse, Schiffer took over as the set's publisher.